The startups of today will shape the economy of tomorrow

We promote successful adoption of new technologies and ideas by empowering startups and investors

Combining corporate roots with experience in blockchain and the startup world, Cetus Group is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end consulting to startups and enable investors to access the most promising opportunities. Cetus Group proactively seeks to engage with projects that drive innovation, while creating shared value for society as a whole

We provide end-to-end advisory services to startups. From seed- to late-stage, Cetus Consulting enables startups to successfully overcome real world business challenges and deliver sustainable results.

Strategy & Business Model
  • Strategic Vision, Objectives and Positioning
  • Business & Revenue Model, incl. Pricing
  • Tokenomics for blockchain businesses
Marketing / Go-To-Market
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Preparation & Execution
  • Fundraising & Roadshows 
  • Public Relations (e.g. Press & News)
Business Planning, Accounting & Investor Relations
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Planning & Business Analysis
  • Reporting & Controlling
  • Accounting Principles & Standards (incl. IFRS)
  • Investor Relations
Partnerships & Network
  • Experts & Advisors
  • Industry Leaders & Syndicates
  • Startups in the Cetus Network
Legal, Tax & Security Token
  • Legal, among others incl.
  • Company registration
  • Handling of funds
  • Tax, among others incl.
  • Tax saving & benefits
  • Support in tax filing
Business Processes & Operational Capabilities
  • E.g. Team set-up, efficient and automated reporting, standardized business review, effective pitch messaging, agile working methods and tools

We are a secure, transparent, and flexible hedge fund that invests in blockchain and startups.

Early access to investments through pervasive network
Extensive experience in blockchain and startup investments
Collaboration with leading tax management consultancy
Value boost due to the support of Cetus Consulting and added due diligence
Ahead of the curve in market information and insight

Fund Offering

Cetus Capital uses an array of investment strategies and tools in order to maximize the returns for its investors, while minimizing risk. Strategies include, but are not limited to day to day trading, derivative trading and early stage investing. Differing strategies are used based on our investors risk profile.


Our team has more than 10 years of experience at top consulting and advisory companies such as Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, and DHL, combined with individuals from trading, blockchain, and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Our broad range of specialties and competencies enable us to support startups in all aspects of their business throughout the life cycle, while simultaneously meeting the diverse expectations of investors.

Chris Hausner
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic & scaling projects in finance to digital for Fortune 100's such as Allianz, EY, JI, CEMS MIM London School of Economics & USYD, MSc HKUST
Stephan Schaefer
Director of Consulting
Former Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group, 5+ years experience in optimizing client organizations and extensive experience in the startup space
Varun Singh
Chief Operating Officer & HR Director
Experience in strategy consulting including DHL, trading and founding & supporting startups, CEMS MIM from London School of Economics & HEC Paris
Mario Leonhardt
Chief Investment Officer
Investing track record with significant returns, asset management, trading, early thought backer of Ethereum
Bernie Ng
Associate Director Business Development
5+ years in asset & client relations management. Advisor to multiple successful start-ups and crypto community manager. Early stage blockchain investor and trader.
Evan Dickinson
Associate Director Research & Analytics
Seasoned cryptocurrency trader and seed investor. Former US Navy pilot; BS ILR Cornell University


Projects & Investments

Cetus Group proactively seeks to engage with projects that help drive new technologies like blockchain forward, while creating shared value for society as a whole.


Security Tokens

What a Nasdaq VP told me about the future of cryptocurrencies

Gives a short summary of the ICO boom and preempts that the third wave/rally of cryptocurrencies is to be driven by security tokens.

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FI Investment Trends (Crypto)

2018 VC investment into crypto startups set to surpass 2017 tally

Fundraising in blockchain companies is concentrated in a handful of countries, with the US leading the way. Growing % of companies relocating to countries with friendly attitudes toward blockchain, which include Hong Kong and Singapore.

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‘Hedge Fund King’ and ‘Billions’ Inspiration Steve Cohen Makes Cryptocurrency Play

Growing trend of traditional investors and investment firms taking up positions in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, even as the present bear market has caused retail interest to taper.

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World’s Fourth-Largest Stock Exchange Eyes Blockchain Use in Securities Transactions

Shanghai Stock Exchange eyeing using distributed ledger technology to issue and manage securities

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